CREDAI Clean City Movement (CCCM) operates on the principles of passion, innovation and trust. At CCCM, we continuously strive to stay ahead of the curve by developing new methods and finding new solutions.  CCCM formed as CSR initiative of CREDAI Kerala was set up in 2007 with focus on implementing decentralized waste management systems in High rise complexes and Gated communities. CREDAI Clean City Movement works towards a Zero waste Environment in the society.

CREDAI Clean City Movement

“CREDAI Clean City Movement” began its services in 2007 at Kochi, Kerala, when the city of Kochi encountered serious issues in the management of Municipal Solid waste. The decentralized solid waste management model created by the CCCM for High rise apartments/ Gated communities, has today become a success and is being implemented across various cities in the state.

We know how important it is to solve the problem of proper waste disposal. At CCCM, your waste is our worry. CCCM now operates in 18 cities of Kerala covering more than 650 High rise complexes and Gated communities serving about 40,000 homes. CCCM implements an Eco-friendly composting system at the project site. CCCM is the “Authorized Service Provider to Suchitwa Mission” Government of Kerala.


A decentralized community level solid waste management system at the source is the best option to overcome the current challenges. The CREDAI CCM model is an initiative aimed at zero or minimal discharge of waste to landfill by composting wet waste at source and recycling dry waste. The CCCM method of decentralized waste management is recognized in the Manual of Solid Waste Management published by the Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India as the most replicable and viable model to be adopted for solid waste management.


It is our passion to do what we do. Taking pride in our work, making our customers happy, and treating our customers with respect are our goals.
Scientific Approach
We do things the right way and ensure that the waste we collect is properly managed
We have a dedicated team for providing professional service

Company History

The authorized service provider to “Suchitwa Mission”, Government of Kerala, successfully implementing an Eco Friendly solid waste management system in High Rise and Commercial Complexes across the State.


Clean City Movement Established

Clean City Movement’ (CCM) was set up in 2007 by Kerala Builders Forum.

Best Environment friendly project - Cochin Corporation

Award received by Clean City Movement for the Best Environment friendly project from Corporation of Kochi.

Best Promoter of Hygiene Maintenance programme.

Award received by Clean City Movement for the best promoter of Hygiene maintenance SWM project in Corporation of Kochi.

Renamed and Registered as CREDAI Clean City Moment

CCM was renamed and registered under charitable societies act in 2010 as “CREDAI Clean City Movement” (CCCM).

MoUD Recognition

The Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India (MoUD) in its Solid Waste Management Manual 2014 and 2016 has recognized CCCM system as the most viable decentralized method in Solid Waste Management.

Approved service provider to “Suchithwa Mission”

CREDAI Clean City Movement is the approved service provider to “Suchithwa Mission” Government of Kerala for implementing decentralized waste management systems.

CSR Excellency Award - Rotary International

CREDAI Clean City Movement got the CSR Excellency award by Rotary International in year 2019

Our People - Management Team

Meet our leadership team.

CCCM is managed by the board of Directors consisting of the following members

The administrative office situated at Kochi Kerala, is managed by Executive Director ably assisted by CEO along with Senior Managers and support staff of around 40 personnel.

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