Services of CREDAI Clean City Movement


CREDAI Clean City Movement offers its services for decentralized Eco friendly method of Solid waste management for High rise apartment complexes, Gated communities, Hotels etc. Awareness sessions are held for the residents for the segregation of solid waste. The segregated Bio degradable waste is processed at the source and the Non bio degradable waste is sorted and transferred to recycling units. CCCM offers both Manual and Automatic Composting System for treatment of Bio degradable waste at site.


CREDAI Clean City Movement has conducted more than 1000 awareness sessions in Apartment complexes / Educational Institutions / Corporations / Municipalities / Panchayats to create awareness on proper segregation and door to door collection of solid waste.


    The Bio degradable and the Non bio degradable waste is to be segregated at the source level so as to facilitate easy processing and recycling. CCCM distributes different coloured buckets to the customers for proper segregation of waste.

    • Green Bucket - Bio Degradable waste
    • Blue Bucket - Non biodegradable waste.
    • Red Bucket - Sanitary / Other waste


    Segregated waste is processed in CREDAI Eco Composter bins through aerobic process called the bio-trigger mechanism into compost. The Eco Composter is manually operated system with a treatment Capacity of 40 Kg / day. Main features of Eco Composter are as below

    CREDAI Solwearth

    Automatic Food Waste Processor constructed of  stainless steel with a waste dehydration system using an energy-efficient control process. The product range has machines with capacity from 50 Kg to 1000 Kg / day. The Fully automatic one-touch control unique technology of converting Food waste to Soil Supplement. CREDAI Solwarth speciality is Minimum space and power requirement.

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